Postdoc to tenure track faculty

August 22, 2017

Dr. Tara D. Hudson is joining the Higher Education Administration program at Kent State University's School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration this fall as an assistant professor. Tara was previously the postdoctoral research associate at the Center for Social Concerns at Notre Dame from 2015–2017. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Research and Policy Analysis with a concentration in higher education from North Carolina State University.

Her dissertation research, which received the 2015 Bobby Wright Dissertation of the Year award from the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), examined how college students develop and sustain interracial friendships, with the aim of informing educational practice to better support students' achievement of the critical learning and development outcomes that result from diverse peer interactions and relationships. Her research focuses on two broad areas: (1) college students' prosocial development, particularly resulting from community engagement and interactional diversity; and (2) the experiences of underrepresented and marginalized populations along their educational and career trajectories. 

Uniting these two areas is her desire to inform educational practice that advances higher education's role in promoting social justice and equity within U.S. society. In researching these topics, she employs both qualitative and quantitative methods. Dr. Hudson's research has been published in the Journal of Higher Education, Review of Higher Education, and Journal of College and Character, and she is co-author of a forthcoming chapter in the book The Landscape of Postdoctoral Fellows: The Invisible Scholars (eds. A. J. Jaeger & A. J. Dinin, Elsevier Academic Press).